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Account Management

Everything you need to know about managing your CRM account and other users.
Resources > Help Documentation > Account Management

If you’d like to cancel your account, simply mouse over “Settings” and select “Close account.” On the next page, you can use the button at the...
Less Annoying CRM offers two-factor authentication (or “2fa”) as a way to enhance the security of your CRM account by adding an extra step to the l...
Less Annoying CRM offers two-factor authentication (or “2fa”) as a way to enhance the security of your CRM account by adding an extra step to the l...
If you delete a user from your account, during the deletion process you will be prompted to reassign that user’s assigned records, future events, a...
There is a filter you can use to view the contacts and companies assigned to another user in various places in the CRM. In order to use this filter...
Teams allow you to share groups with specific subsets of your users (you can read more about teams and how to create them here). Here are so...
Instead of having the Less Annoying CRM logo in the top left corner of your CRM, you can upload your own logo! Here's how to format your logo ima...
After you close your account, we’ll store your data for one calendar year. We retain your data on our encrypted servers for a year in case you deci...
In this tutorial, we’ll cover how to make your LACRM notification emails stand out in your inbox to make sure you never miss anything important.
Check out Less Annoying CRM’s hidden Teams feature! You can create teams of users and share groups with specific teams.
Want to search for a specific note you left? Use your browser’s search function to easily search a page for keywords.
This is a list of known VOIP phones that work with LACRM's click-to-call feature or offer their own browser extension that allow you to dial your LACRM contacts.
Take the necessary steps when removing a user from your account in Less Annoying CRM.
Enable your phone to remember your login for LACRM, saving you time.
Pin LACRM to your Android phone or tablet's home screen for easier access on the go.
Pin LACRM to your iPhone or iPad's home screen for easier mobile access.
Set up the right contact and calendar sharing permissions for your team in Less Annoying CRM.
Learn how to export contact and company information, pipelines, tasks, and files out of LACRM.
Learn to set your computer's default email program, so you can easily click to send emails from the CRM.
The calendar and task sharing permissions determine which calendars are visible to a user, and whether they can assign items to other user’s cale...
There are a number of possible permissions setups, depending on how your team works. Our permissions model allows you to customize your team's setup.
Use a custom URL to launch your email program from the CRM.
If you're a manager, you might want to enter leads into the CRM yourself and then assign them to your employees--here's how!
Three ways to monitor the activity of other users in your CRM.
Secure your login with Less Annoying CRM by using Google's Two-Factor Authentication.
Resources > Help Documentation > Account Management
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