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Building strong relationships with your leads, prospects, vendors etc. requires frequent follow-ups and communication. Tasks in Less Annoying CRM are the easiest way to set reminders for yourself to touch base with important clients, hot leads, and promising network partners.

Here are some articles to help you organize and manage your tasks, plus some tips and tricks on how to make the best use of your task setup!

Calendar and Task Sharing: Choosing the Right Setup for your Team

The calendar and task sharing permissions determine which calendars are visible to a user, and whether they can assign items to other user’s calendars.

Events vs. Tasks

The main difference between an event and a task is that an event is a blocked-off period of time on your calendar, whereas a to-do is just an item on a checklist with a specific due date.

How do tasks work?

A task is a more general to-do that you need to check off on (or before!) its due date.

How to find contacts that don't have any tasks or events

Less Annoying CRM has a filtering option to see only contacts that don’t have a task or event attached to them. If you go to the Contacts page, you'll find the filters and sorting options in the page menu on the left.

Using Tasks and Events to Collaborate in the CRM

One very important aspect of CRM use is collaboration; keeping your team on the same page and working together is essential to the success of any business.

Using Customer Appreciation Opportunities to Expand your Sales

Customer appreciation is a great way to get your foot back in the door and make more sales to the customers you already have.

What happens if I accidentally delete something?

The Less Annoying CRM team can help restore data that's been accidentally deleted back to your account.

How to make sure you never lose track of your CRM notification emails

It can be easy to miss important stuff in a sea of emails. In this tutorial, we’ll cover how to make your LACRM notification emails stand out in your inbox to make sure you never miss anything important.