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How to make sure you never lose track of your CRM notification emails

A useful feature in any CRM is notifications. In Less Annoying CRM, you can turn on a variety of alert emails, including Daily Agenda emails, New Event alerts, New Task alerts, New Contact Assignments, and more. These emails help remind you of what needs to get done, and they alert you to important updates in your account.

But reminders are only helpful if you actually read them! It can be easy to miss important stuff in a sea of emails. In this tutorial, we’ll cover how to make your LACRM notification emails stand out in your inbox to make sure you never miss anything important — just click on the email reader you use!


In Gmail, go to your Settings, then Filters. Click “Create a new filter”. Filter for emails from alerts@lessannoyingcrm.com, and click “Create filter”.

Filtering your Gmail emails for your LACRM alerts

Then choose how you want to make these emails stand out. Check off “Always mark as important”, and any other methods you want to use. Then, hit “Create filter”.

Filtering your Gmail emails for your LACRM alert notifications
You can also apply a label, category, or star to your LACRM alert emails.


In Outlook, right click on a message in your inbox and click “Create Rule”, then click “More Options” on the following pop up (so that we can create more advanced conditions and actions for this rule). On the following “Rules” pop up, under “Add a condition”, choose “From” alerts@lessannoyingcrm.com. Under “Add an action” choose “Mark with importance”. You can also add other actions, like immediately adding the email to a specific category or pinning it to the top of your inbox. When you’re done creating your rule, hit “Save”.

Creating a rule in Outlook for your LACRM alert emails

There are many versions of Outlook, so your rule creation form may look different. Check out this article from Outlook for more instructions on how to create a rule.

Apple Mail

In the Mail app, go to your Preferences, then Rules. Click “Add a rule”.

Filtering your Apple Mail emails for your LACRM notifications

There are a few ways you can construct your rule, but here’s what I would suggest. Set the first part of your rule to trigger if “From” is equal to alerts@lessannoyingcrm.com (or you could imagine saying if “From” contains @lessannoyingcrm.com, if you also want to highlight your emails from customer support and newsletters). Then set the actions you would like a new alerts email to trigger. You can send a notification, mark it as flagged, or even play a sound on your device. Once you’ve created your rule, hit OK.

Filtering your Apple Mail emails for your LACRM notifications

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