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Custom fields

Less Annoying CRM comes with basic default fields that let you enter in the core details about every contact and company that you add to your CRM account. Oftentimes, you need to track additional information, or need industry-specific fields to fill out for your records. That's where custom fields come in.

Custom fields are found on both your contact and company records, as well as your pipelines. These articles will guide you through how to create custom fields on your account (if you're an administrator, or the only user on the account!) to store and track any piece of information that you need!

How to create custom contact and company fields

We realize that it’s impossible for us to anticipate every little thing you’ll want to be able to collect about your contacts or companies, so you can add any kind of field you’d like to your contacts and companies.

What's the difference between custom contact and pipeline fields?

With different options and locations of custom fields it can be hard to determine which fields should be where. There are a few key differences that can help you decide if you should use a custom contact field or a custom pipeline field to keep track of things.

How to adjust custom date fields on the calendar

You can create date custom fields on contact and company records and on pipelines. Those fields can display directly on your calendar so you can keep on top of all of your important dates.

How do custom pipeline fields work

Pipeline statuses tell you what step a person is within a process, but in a lot of cases, you just need more detail than that! For those situations, Less Annoying CRM has custom pipeline fields.

What type of custom field should I use?

With each field that you add, you’ll have an important decision to make regarding what type of field is the best fit. This article explains the differences between each field type, to give you a better idea of when you should use which kind.

How to filter by a custom pipeline field

If you’d like to view a more specific list within your Pipeline Report, you can use custom field filters to narrow down the list based on specific criteria.

What is the difference between custom contact and company fields?

The short answer is that custom contact fields are for contact records, and custom company fields are for company records!

How to filter by a custom contact/company field

You can use custom field filters to narrow down your contact list based on unique fields, or to perform a more specific search. For example, if you want to pull up contacts from a particular source.

How to edit custom fields

This article explains how to edit custom fields within LACRM.

How to track inactive clients

This article explains how you can track inactive clients in Less Annoying CRM.

How to track contacts who work for more than one company

This article explains how you can track contacts who work for more than one company in LACRM.

How to reorder contact/company fields

In Less Annoying CRM, you can customize the fields that appear on a contact or company record, as well as the order in which fields appear.