Less Annoying CRM promises 3 things
no other CRM can

(In addition to being U.S. News & World Report's #1 CRM of 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023.)

30 days. Full access. No credit card needed.

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Veteran customer service

The average CRM Coach has been working with LACRM customers for over 5 years — this means no matter who you talk to, you're talking to a seasoned pro.

That's because we pay every employee a thriving wage. When we hire someone, they stay long enough to become an actual expert. No chatbots ever.

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One low price, and no upcharges

We have no investors demanding that we squeeze every dollar out of our users, so we'll always price LACRM as low as we can afford to.

We've only raised our price once in the past 14 years (thanks a lot, inflation), and we gave existing customers an extra four years on the original price — because loyalty matters.

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Utter commitment to small businesses

Less Annoying CRM isn't a neglected spin-off of another big CRM, nor are we the "lite" version of a more expensive system.

Our goal 14 years ago was to build the best CRM for small businesses, and today we're still the #1 easiest-to-use CRM for small businesses. We have no plans to change course.

Our story

If a software engineer can't set up a CRM, we have a problem

Tyler, an experienced software engineer, struggled to get “A Very Popular CRM” 👀 set up for his boss. It ended up being so difficult to use that he built his own app instead.

Yep, that app became Less Annoying CRM, and Tyler, our CEO.

That was over a decade ago, so why are CRMs still so hard to use for small businesses?

About once a month, I come away shaking my head saying, “what were they thinking?
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Not only do they upcharge you for every little thing, but for that price you’d expect to be able to have some tech support beyond an online Q&A repository. Ridiculous.
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I come from a background of CRMs that end up being binned after two months because you need a degree to work it. And a masters to keep in the loop and stay on top of it.
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Actual reviews of other CRMs
The (usual) investor method
Build features that everyone can use, start with a low price everyone can afford, and get as many customers as possible!
With locked-in customers, time to increase prices! Build features for enterprises since they have more cash to spend and cut expenses (like customer service)
Profit! Investors are happy
(and you’re not)

This happens because most CRMs are still funded by investors

An investor's only goal is to make more money than last year, and you do that by attracting high-value customers.

Unfortunately, small businesses ≠ high-value customers.

👉 This means that for most investor-funded CRM companies, it makes no financial sense to serve small businesses.

That's why so many CRMs that start off as "small business CRMs" end up becoming, well, those CRMs.

Less Annoying CRM is completely self-funded

This lets us do things that most investors would balk at, just because that’s how we want to do business.

That's why we’ve been running the small business playbook since 2009. 💙

Never raising any money from investors has meant that LACRM has had a much longer, slower journey to growth, and no one here is going to become a billionaire.

That’s just fine with us.

This means freedom to:
Price our software as low as we can
Have a name like “Less Annoying CRM”
Let every customer sign up and cancel whenever they want
Offer great customer service for free
Pay our employees well
(Happy teammates make great software)
Build features for small businesses with no pressure to target big companies
How we do it

This is what that Less Annoying playbook looks like:

Funded by investors

"x" with a circle around it

Investors, not customers, get to decide how the product develops

"x" with a circle around it

Goal is to make a lot of money each year; not to keep building a better product

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Funded by customers


No pressure to screw over our customers to turn a profit (we're already profitable!)


Freedom to build only features small businesses need


Family-owned since 2009 — we're in it for the long haul

Predatory pricing

"x" with a circle around it

Ever-increasing prices

"x" with a circle around it

Forced to "upgrade" just to use the same features you had before

Dollar sign on a coin icon

Honest pricing


One single price tier with no contracts


No upgrade fees or hidden costs


Our lowest price while still providing a thriving wage to all employees.

Frustrating Support

"x" with a circle around it

Chatbot that gives you the wrong answers

"x" with a circle around it

Must pay extra to speak to real person

Hand with a heart icon

Empowered support


Coaches collaborate with you for long-term success; not just answer one-off tickets


Every teammate discusses your feedback with the entire product team every week


We hire the best people, who stay with us for a very long time

Enterprise focused

"x" with a circle around it

Complicated features designed to appeal to large companies with deep pockets

"x" with a circle around it

Pricing models that offer discounts only to enterprises that can afford to pay a lot upfront

Small business icon

Small biz-focused


The average LACRM account has 2.5 users, and that's how we like it


Every new feature is designed with ease-of-use for the solo user in mind


You will never need to hire a consultant to set up your CRM

And it's a playbook our customers trust

It is absolutely refreshing and very satisfying to work with a company that actually delivers on what it promises.

Ken L.

Customer since 2019

Sometimes in life you stumble onto something so unique and wonderful and just are always grateful you have it. That is how I feel about Less Annoying CRM.

Arlynn W.

Customer since 2019

I can’t imagine life without LACRM. I’d be happy to pay more for the CRM - I just really want you guys to stick around.

John S.

Customer since 2015

LACRM really goes the extra mile to be your partner - anyone starting or trying to grow a business knows how important it is to have genuine trusted partners in your corner.

David H.

Customer since 2020

I am fiercely loyal to your company. LACRM is ideal for my needs and the customer service is excellent. Thank you.

Martin C.

Customer since 2015

I think it's hands-down the best CRM I've ever worked with and I actually enjoy using it day in and day out (when was the last time you heard someone say they liked using a CRM?)

Rachael M.

Customer since 2012

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cluster of circles for style

So why not work with a CRM company that does business the way you would?

Join 10,000+ small businesses already using a CRM that is playing on their team.


Product tour

Learn how Less Annoying CRM can help you close more deals, increase productivity, and improve customer happiness.

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Track leads from the first contact to the final sale with our simple lead report. If you don’t close a deal right away, you can set a reminder when it’s time to follow up.

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At last, you don’t have to worry about making a list of everything that needs get done each day. Every morning, Less Annoying CRM sends you an email with all the tasks you have due that day. You can finally trust that you won’t forget anything.

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Stop jumping back and forth between different apps. With Less Annoying CRM, your calendar and tasks are built directly into the CRM so that everything is in one place.

Give it a try

See why 10,000+ small businesses have chosen to grow with Less Annoying CRM.

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I keep getting more and more for my money. Thank you for being so honest to deal with, and so committed to my success in using your software.

Treavor A.

Customer since 2018


Learn more about the team

Less Annoying CRM was started by two brothers in 2009. Our mission is simple: help small businesses succeed. To do this, we've created a new breed of CRM software. We focus on giving our customers what they really need, and nothing they don't. That means no annoying buzzwords, no confusing pricing plans, no long-term contracts, and none of those other things that we all know are annoying.

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