The simpler CRM.

When it comes to managing team communications and follow ups, you don't have to choose between an Excel spreadsheet or a complex CRM.

30-days. Full access. No credit card needed.

"A refreshing change to over-complicated, difficult to use, and expensive CRMs."

- John F., small business VP

All your notes, emails, files, phone numbers, calendars, and follow-ups in one place. That's it. No bells and whistles to pay for that you'll never use.

Contact Record

"The flexibility to create your own fields means having the information you need, not the ones you don't."

- Katrina R., small business office manager

Maximum customization. No third-party consultant needed.

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Simple contact profiles
Unlimited custom fields
Full team visibility
Task and event delegation

"All my team members can see what the others have done so we can work cohesively."

- Shiva L., agency owner

See what team members are working on, where their opportunities are in their pipelines, and gain full transparency into every customer relationship.

Weekly Activity Report
Simple contact profiles
Unlimited custom fields
Full team visibility
Task and event delegation

"My assistant and I can easily see what the other is doing, and quickly assign tasks and events to one another."

- Tony H., real estate broker

Assign to-dos and schedule appointments for one another without leaving your CRM. If you're already using a Google or Outlook calendar, sync it with ours to keep all your events in one place.

Weekly Calendar

"Using LACRM has meant the end of maintaining so many Excel spreadsheets that were very quickly out of date."

- Ligia G., small business office manager

An easier way to manage your contacts


Disorganized notes, unreliable follow up tracking, and no way to collaborate.


Notes and reminders in one place, easily customizable, and simple reporting.

Other CRMs

Confusing features, difficult to set up, and built for big companies.
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$15 per user per month

No tiers to choose from, and everyone has full access to all the features we offer. Add as many users as you want, and cancel any time.

Imports and exports

CSV imports and exports

Import your spreadsheets to bulk-add your contacts, and export your data whenever you want.

Customer support

Free lifetime support

9am - 5pm CST, every weekday. Just give us a call or send us an email and we'll get back to you at no cost.

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Calendar integrations

We sync with your Google or Outlook calendar. No more double-entry.

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Log email conversations

Just BCC your unique code, and your email thread will be saved in the CRM and shareable with your team.

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Mailchimp integration

Automatically sync contacts from LACRM to Mailchimp for seamless email marketing.

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Mobile access

Access your database from any smartphone, computer, or tablet wherever you are via our mobile website.

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Unlimited customization

Our pre-built templates will give you a running start, but your account is yours to customize however you like. Create all the fields to track whatever information you want.

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Daily reminders

An email with all of your tasks and events for the day will be sent to you each morning.

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User permissions

Nuanced permissions allow your team to collaborate with transparency, or work independently.

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Pipeline management

Create, customize, and track any process you need with our simple pipeline tools.

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Groups and tags

Organize your contacts and companies into whatever categories your team uses.

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Simple reporting

Filter and sort your reports by any piece of information to draw relevant insights.

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No upsells

You'll never need to "buy more" of a CRM that you're already paying for. All our feature updates are free for all users.

"The price point is perfect — you don't get penalized for growing and being successful."

- Kamlesh S., estate practitioner

"After spending hours with big companies, waiting to get help, answers or support in a crunch time, Less Annoying CRM feels like fresh air."

- Kim P., VP of business development

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