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Recent Posts

Want to know how many users we have, new feature updates we made, and cans of La Croix we drank in 2017?
Maggie is our newest intern. Check out this post to learn more about her!
Our updated importing tool makes it easier to map different pieces of data to contact and company records.
Check out the latest updates to our merge feature.
We recently made it easier to add contacts and companies to multiple groups at once, as well as make groups public or private on the fly.
Meet the 2017 summer intern team at Less Annoying CRM!
Exported tasks now include the primary phone number and email address of the associated contact or company.
We are rolling out a new version of LACRM that's been over a year in the making
With summer finally here, it’s time to introduce the world to our newest additions at Less Annoying CRM!
Less Annoying CRM can now send text messages to remind our UK users about upcoming events.
2016 has arrived! It seems like a natural time for us to set a few New Year’s resolutions for LACRM and take a look at what we accomplished in 2015.
Molly and Eunice talk about their first weeks at LACRM.
The decision of whether or not to raise money from investors is a huge and very difficult one for most startups. This post explains why we bootstrapped.
Everyone has used software that gets worse over time. This post tries to explain why it happens, and what you can do about it.
Hello! We're Julia and Julia, and we've just joined the Customer Service Team here at Less Annoying CRM. After having both spent the sprin...
No one likes dealing with a pushy salesperson. Put the customer's needs first, and your needs second.
Ruth and Declan tell you what it's like to intern at a growing tech startup in downtown St. Louis.
Visualize all of your leads on a map to help make scheduling and routing more efficient.
The Less Annoying CRM calendar just got a major upgrade! From major speed improvements to an improved layout engine, you're going to love your new calendar.
On February 9th, 2015, we will no longer support Internet Explorer 8.
Tasks just got even better in Less Annoying CRM. We now support creating/editing on mobile, and adding links to contacts on the fly!
If you've been following our product updates over the last few months, you already know that we've been focusing on improving the reporting option...
We just launched a new feature that will make tasks much more useful in Less Annoying CRM.
After being spread out across the country for over four years, we finally have a real office in St. Louis, Missouri.
Less Annoying CRM now lets you sort by any field you want. We also made improvements to the sorting interface and report results to make it even easier.
Resources > Company Blog
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