Less Annoying CRM Integration Partner Program

Get your app in front of 25,000+ business users

By joining Less Annoying CRM's integration partner program, you'll get early access to tens of thousands of active users who are hungry for SaaS tools that integrate with their CRM.

What's included in an integration launch?

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Announcement in our newsletter to 22,000+ small business owners and teams
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Social media and blog posts focused on your integration and how it drives value for users
Imports and exports
Inclusion in our public Integration Directory and our in-app integrations list
...and more co-marketing opportunities like custom webinars and 1:1 demos

Our integration partners

Reform is a form-building tool. This integration with Less Annoying CRM allows users to feed data from forms directly into their CRM database.

ZipMessage is an asynchronous messaging software. Their integration automatically saves a note in a contact's history in LACRM whenever a new message is received.

Canvass is a video interview tool. This integration pairs with LACRM's pipeline tool to automate the interview process so that candidates can be invited to interview all within LACRM's app.

Nusii is a proposal generation software. Their LACRM integration syncs up with our pipeline tool to allow users to automatically send out proposals to their contacts and save them in their CRM.

Blitz Sender is an email automation tool. It allows LACRM users to trigger pre-written email templates to their contacts based on where someone is in a workflow.

MyRepChat is an online SMS system. This integration with Less Annoying CRM allows users to send and log text messages to their contacts from within the CRM app.

How it works:


Build your integration

We offer an open API, and a live demo account that can be used to test your integration.


Send us details

Send us a link to a help document, your logo, and a way for us to test out the integration.


Get listed

After testing, we'll list you in our public directory and in-app integrations list.


Go live!

Announcements will go out, and we'll start including your integration in our content marketing.

Ready to build?

Join Less Annoying CRM's network of integration partners to reach your small business audience.