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How to filter by a custom contact/company field

You can use custom field filters to narrow down your contact list based on unique fields, or to perform a more specific search. For example, if you want to pull up contacts from a particular source, contacts with an upcoming anniversary, companies in a certain industry or a company with a certain account ID number, you can use custom field filters.

Note: custom fields are customizable, and the options you see will vary based on your account setup.

If you go to the Contact list, you should see a section in the second sidebar from the left, “Filters & Sorting.” The last option within that section is “Add a filter” and you can click on that.

In the dialog that appears, you’ll have an option “What would you like to filter by?” with a dropdown list. If you scroll to the bottom of that list, you’ll see two sections that include your custom fields, one for custom contact fields and the other for custom company fields.

You can select the appropriate field name there, based on what you’d like to filter by. Please note, it is possible to have the same custom field on a contact and a company, and you’ll need to make sure you select the appropriate option depending on whether you’d like your results to be contacts or companies.

Once you’ve selected the field, you can choose an appropriate entry based on what you’d like to see, and then enter your desired value. The options available will depend on the type of custom field. For example, you could select a “Source” field to filter based on where a client came from. In this case, that field is a dropdown list so you can choose “is,” “is any of,” “is not any of,” or other options before selecting the source.

Alternatively, if you have a custom date field to track anniversaries or other important dates, you’ll have other filtering options. For date fields, you can choose from “is on,” “is between,” or other options before selecting the appropriate date(s).

Custom field filters can also be used to create a more specific search, by allowing you to search that field only for an entry, rather than the main search bar which searches all contact/company fields. For example, if you need to find a company by their Account ID number, you can filter for that exact ID number. If your ID numbers include letters and numbers you might have a text field, which will include options for “contains,” “does not contain,” “is” and others.

You can also layer filters on top of each other to create more specific reports. Simply add a filter for the first field, and then use the same “Add a filter” option for your second field. That’ll provide an “and” filter, so you can narrow down the contact list even further.

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