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Importing contacts

If you've been working off an Excel sheet, your phone's contacts, or another CRM, you can always export that data into a spreadsheet file to import your contacts in bulk into Less Annoying CRM.

Our customer service team is happy to help you run your first 3 imports (or walk you through an import over the phone!) but here are some help articles to get you familiarized with the importing process so that you can start running them on your own!

How can I import my contacts?

Our importing tool makes it easy to map different pieces of data to contact and company records, ask for help during the importing process, or save an in-progress import. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using our importing tool

How to format a spreadsheet for an import

The fastest way to get data imported into your Less Annoying CRM account is to import it yourself but you do need to ensure that the file is formatted correctly. Here's how.

Importing Data to Contact and Company Records

When you run an import in Less Annoying CRM, the system may create both contact records and company records from your spreadsheet.

What's included when requesting that LACRM run an import

We understand that data migration is one of the most intimidating parts of starting with or moving to a new CRM. To make this process a bit easier, as a part of our standard free support, we’re happy to help you with importing your contacts and/or companies into your CRM database.

How do I import my contacts from Outlook

To migrate your Outlook contacts over to Less Annoying CRM, you'll first need to export that data to a CSV file, which can then be imported into your CRM account.

How can I transfer my Mac Contacts to Less Annoying CRM?

Less Annoying CRM's importer is designed to import spreadsheet files (Excel files and CSV files) -- however, the Contacts app on MacOS only allows exporting contacts into vCard (.vcf) files.

How do I sync my iPhone, iPad, or iCloud contacts with the CRM?

Less Annoying CRM only integrates with Google Contacts -- we do not have any kind of direct sync for Apple's iCloud service -- but you can use Google as a bridge between LACRM and Apple.

How can I organize all of the contacts I just imported?

When you finish importing your spreadsheet, you’ll be offered a list of actions that you can take on the new records you created. Here’s a review of those options.

How to add an import to a group

After an import is completed, you can group the import to give it a tag, so you can easily access the records from that import in the future.

How do I import contacts to groups?

This article explains how to add contacts to multiple groups based on imported data.

Exporting Your Contacts Out of Another CRM

We've provided the following compendium of resources on exporting out of other CRM systems, listed by provider.

I made a mistake when importing my contacts. How can I fix it?

If you finish your import and realize that you’ve made a mistake, the best option is to undo it right away, before you’ve done any work with the data in the CRM.