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Can I update records in bulk via the importer?

Learn more about what happens if you import data that already exists to the CRM:

  • Please note: importing a file is not a recommended way to update contacts because it will cause duplicates. If you have updates for contacts or companies, we recommend editing the records within the CRM directly. Learn how to edit contacts and companies here.
  • LACRM’s importer tool is designed to create new contacts and companies, not to update existing records.
  • If you import a contact that already exists in the CRM, it will be duplicated.
  • If you import a company that already exists, that company will not be created again, nor will the importer update the existing company with data from your file.
  • After the import is completed, you can use the bulk merge tool to combine duplicates if needed. However, bulk merging can be complex, particularly when duplicates have different data saved. Learn more about merging duplicates in bulk here.
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