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Merging duplicate records in bulk

Here's how to merge duplicate contacts in bulk:

  • Mouse over "Settings" and select "Merge duplicate contacts" in the menu.
  • Please note: merges are extremely difficult and often impossible to undo so you should always take care when running merges.
  • Duplicates will be detected based on a shared email address and/or phone number. Select to view duplicates by email address only, or by phone number only, to reduce the list.
  • Select the "Merge non-conflicting duplicates" button to merge all duplicates that are exactly the same.
  • Once merged, you'll receive a confirmation of the number of non-conflicting duplicates and whether any duplicates remain.
  • Any remaining duplicates have discrepancies that require a choice. For example, the duplicates may have differently spelled names or different birthdays.
  • Look through each remaining pair to ensure they are true duplicates. Click on the "Merge" button to the right of a duplicate pair to merge them. A dialog will open with differences, and once the appropriate choices are selected you can confirm the merge.
  • Alternatively, select "Merge all duplicates" to merge all remaining duplicates with discrepancies at once. On the next page you'll need to make a choice for each different duplicate regarding differences in data.
  • Need to merge a single duplicate pair instead? Learn how to merge individuals contacts here.

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