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Part of managing your relationships with your contacts and companies with a CRM is managing their relationships with each other. Contacts and companies can be linked to one another via various ways, including the 'Relationship' tool.

Here are some help articles that guide you through how to manage internal relationships within the CRM, as well as some nifty ways to use existing features to track budding relationships.

Contact Relationships

You can add information about who your contact knows to a profile through the relationship feature.

How to Track Referrals

You should know if one customer consistently refers others to you, or if a new prospect was referred to you by an existing customer. Those connections allow you to build a more personal relationship with each contact, which can turn into more sales down the line.

How to track contacts who work for more than one company

This article explains how you can track contacts who work for more than one company in LACRM.

How to Search for Contacts' Birthdays

Less Annoying CRM has a filtering option to find contacts with a particular birthday. Start from the Find a Contact page, and find the Filters & Sorting options in the page menu on the left.

How to manage spouses/partners

LACRM allows you to track your contacts in the CRM, but if you frequently work with spouses or partners there are a couple of ways you can manage that data.