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How to track contacts who work for more than one company

Less Annoying CRM allows you to link a contact with a company through the “Company name” field to track where someone works. But that option can only be used to link a contact with a single company. If you have contacts that work for multiple companies, there are two ways that you can track those additional companies. In each case, you’ll track one company using the default “Company name” field on the contact. For the second (or third or fourth) company, you can use either the relationship tool or a custom field.

Using the relationship tool

The relationship tool allows you to track relationships between a contact and other companies or contacts. This option may be best if you have only a handful of contacts who work for multiple companies, or if there are other relevant details for the contact’s employment. For example, if the contact has different job titles for each company, or if they work part-time for some companies, you could include that additional detail in the relationship description to track it.

If you go to the contact record directly, you can mouse over “Attach an item.” In the dropdown that appears, select “Relationship.”

Adding a relationship

Then, in the dialog that opens search for the appropriate company name (you will need to create a company record first). You can select the company name, and then enter a description for the relationship. When you save that, the relationship tag will appear under the “Attached items” section of the contact. The description will be visible in the tag alongside the company name.

You’ll be able to see the relationship tags with company names in the middle of the contact, while the company linked through the “Company name” field will appear at the top and on the right side.

Contact with company relationship and primary company

You can click on the company name within the relationship tag to jump over to that company directly. Each contact can have multiple relationships as well, so if they work for other companies you can repeat that process for each additional company.

The relationship will also appear near the top of the company record, and will include the same description. Contacts linked to the company through the default “Company name” will instead appear on the right side.

Company view of the contact relationship

Using a custom contact link field

A custom contact link field allows you to save links directly to other companies within the contact details. This option may be best if you have a lot of contacts who work for multiple companies. This field will provide a specific place to track other companies, and while you can link multiple companies through the same field, it will show only the company name there.

In order to use a custom contact link field, you’ll first need to create a custom field. If you mouse over “Settings” you can select “Custom fields” in the menu that appears. On the next page, select “Contacts” and then choose “Create new custom field” near the top. In the dialog that appears you can enter a relevant name, like “Additional companies” and then choose “Contact Link” as the field type.

You can learn how to create custom fields in more detail here.

Please note: only administrators can add custom fields. If you don’t see those options, you’ll need to contact an administrator on your account.

After you’ve created the custom field, it’ll appear as an option when you enter or edit a contact. When you select that field, you can begin typing to search for the appropriate company (you will need to create the company record first). You can then select the company name from the results, and repeat the process for any additional companies.

Additional companies contact link field

When you save those changes the companies that you selected will appear under “Contact info” on the right side. You can click on a company name there to go to that record directly. The company entered through the default “Company Name” field will also appear on the right, under the “Company info” section instead.

Contact with additional companies in a custom field

The company record will also reflect the link with that contact record. On the company record under “Company info” there will be an entry “Records linking to [Company name]" that includes the contact name. Contacts linked to the company through the default “Company name” will instead appear under the “Contact info” section on the lower right side of the company.

Company view of linked contact
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