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Contact Relationships

Often an important part of your contact relationship involves remembering information about who they know- who introduced you, who referred them, if they’re married to another contact, or if they work with multiple businesses. You can add this information to a profile through the relationship feature.  To attach a relationship, go to a contact or company profile and select Relationship under the "Attach an item" button.

A form will pop up prompting you to search for the other contact or company (relationships can be created between two contacts, two companies, or a contact and a company). Please be aware that if you don’t have a contact profile for the other person, you will need to create one before you create the relationship. Within the text box of the pop up, enter the name of the contact/company and select the appropriate record from the list.

Next, enter a description of the relationship in the following text area, so you'll always know how they're related.  Once you've entered a description, click on the Save this relationship button at the bottom and you’ll return to the contact profile.  Now you can see the relationship above the “Activity Feed,” with the other contact’s name and the description you entered. If you click on the relationship tag it will take you to the other record in the relationship, which will have the same relationship tag.

If you add a relationship between two records and need to edit or delete it later, you can do so easily! Simply go to the record’s page, mouse over the relationship, and click on the pencil that appears at the end of the relationship tag.  There you can edit the description of the relationship, or on the right select Delete this relationship to remove that relationship from both records.

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