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How to Track Referrals

A CRM is mostly about your relationship with contacts; how you know them, what you’ve talked about, what they’ve bought, and what they’d like to buy. But it’s also important to keep track of any relationships between your contacts! You should know if one customer consistently refers others to you, or if a new prospect was referred to you by an existing customer. Those connections allow you to build a more personal relationship with each contact, which can turn into more sales down the line.

Creating a relationship is easy! Simply navigate to one of the contacts in the CRM and click “Relationship with another contact” in the section on the left under “Attach an item to this contact.” From there you can search for the other contact (you will need to have them saved in the CRM already), select them, and then describe the relationship. You can create a relationship between two contacts, two companies, or a contact and a company, and you can have multiple relationships on a single contact. Once you’ve saved the relationship it will appear on both records, and you can even jump between the two!

Now that you have the relationship recorded on the associated contacts, start using it! Keeping track of the little things helps you build a more personal relationship with your customers and shows them just how much they mean to you. Be sure to thank a customer for each referral; if they send multiple referrals your way you can thank them with a note or small gift to show how much you truly appreciate the word-of-mouth marketing! Once you begin tracking referrals you can also look for patterns to try to increase referrals and the sales you make from them. You can bring up those relationships with your customers down the line, and use the details to your advantage in future sales.

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