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How to edit a contact

Less Annoying CRM is great for tracking contact details, but sometimes you may need to edit a contact. You might have a new phone number, email address, or physical address that you need to add to a contact’s details. You can add that information by editing the contact record directly.

If you go to your Contacts, you can click on the appropriate contact’s name in the list. Alternatively, you can use the search in the upper left corner of the navigation bar to search for the contact, and then select their name. In either case, once you’ve selected the contact name you’ll be taken to the contact record directly. On the right side of the contact is a section “Contact info.” Just to the right of that is an “Edit” link that you can click on.

After you’ve selected “Edit” a dialog will open with all of the contact fields. You can select the appropriate field to enter additional detail there, or remove an existing piece of information to replace it with updated details. After you’ve made the appropriate changes, be sure to hit “Save contact” at the bottom!

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