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Organizing imported contacts

When you finish importing your spreadsheet, you’ll be offered a list of actions that you can take on the new records you created. Here’s a review of those options:

Note: If you imported both contacts and companies, you’ll have the option to apply each action to all of the records, just the contacts, or just the companies.

  • Attach a note. This note would show up at the beginning of each contact’s history on their profile.
  • Attach a pipeline item. Use this option if you import a list of records that are all at the same stage in a pipeline. For example, if you’ve imported a list of sales prospects, you can place them all in the “Prospect” status of your Lead pipeline. Pipeline names will vary based on your account’s customization.
  • Add to a group. If you want to keep the records from your import together in the future, you can create a new group for them or add them all to existing groups. If you’re importing a list of people who signed up for your newsletter at a trade show, you could add them all to a group named “Newsletter Subscribers.”
  • Assign the records to a different user. This option will assign the records from your import to another user in bulk.
  • Undo the import. If you made a mistake, you can select this option to delete all the records from your import. Keep in mind that this will also erase any work you’ve done with those records!
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