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What the heck is a pipeline?

We recommend you start by watching our video on this subject, which you can find above. Learn more about what pipelines are here: 

  • A pipeline is a workflow or a categorization tool for a particular type of process at your business.
  • A pipeline contains a series of statuses that you can attach to a contact/company to keep track of where they are in that process.
  • For example, a Lead pipeline might contain the following statuses in your sales process - Prospect, Qualified Lead, Sale Completed, and Sale Lost. At any time, a Lead can be attached to a contact or company and given any one of these statuses.
  • In addition, custom pipeline fields allow you to capture specific data about your process. Track values, sources, specific dates, or other important information at the pipeline level.
  • Pipelines can and should be customized to fit your business’s processes and relationships from your Pipelines Settings page.
  • The pipeline report gives you a comprehensive view of all contacts in your pipeline in active or closed statuses. Learn how to pull pipeline reports here.
  • Pipelines are the most powerful feature of LACRM - if you need a hand getting set up, please contact us.
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