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Creating a new pipeline

Here’s how to create a new pipeline on your account:

  • Please note: only admins can create new pipelines. If you don’t see these options, contact an admin on your account.
  • From the Pipelines Settings page, select “Create another pipeline.”
  • Choose from the options to create a pipeline from scratch, start from a template, or create a copy of one of your existing pipelines.
  • If starting from scratch, enter a name for the pipeline, select an icon, select a color, and then click “Create this pipeline.”
  • Next, create the statuses for your pipeline, using the “Create a new status” button. Each status should represent a major step of your process for categorizing contacts as you track them through the pipeline. Remove or rename the default “Active” and “Closed” statuses.
  • If you chose one of our templates, you’ll see a list of the built-in statuses for that template. If necessary, customize these statuses to match your process.
  • Add custom pipeline fields using the ”Create a new custom pipeline field” button below the statuses section.
  • Check out our pipeline customizing tips here, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need some help!
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