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Using the Pipeline Report

A corresponding report will automatically be created each time you create a new pipeline in your CRM. You’ll always be able to find the Pipeline Reports in the navigation bar under the Reports tab. Once you open a pipeline report, you’ll see a list of contacts/companies and their attached pipelines by status type. The default view is to view all active statuses, but you can change this view by clicking the “Filter by status” option in the page menu and selecting from the options that come up. Use the check box at the bottom of that window to change your default view. In general, we recommend keeping the default, as it provides the most complete view of your active pipelines.

There are a few other filtering options for these reports as well. Managers will be able to use the “Filter by user” option in the page menu to keep track of activity by sales reps. The “Sort by” option allows you a variety of options for sorting the list, including status, priority, most recent update, and contact/company name. You can use the "Add a filter" option to filter by custom pipeline fields, dates, groups, and other details. Combined, these various reporting options allow you to view your pipeline from any angle so that no opportunities ever fall between the cracks.

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