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Using the pipeline report

Learn how to report on your pipelines here: 

  • Find the Pipeline Reports in the navigation bar under the Reports tab.
  • A corresponding report is created for each pipeline in your CRM.
  • Select “Sort” in the “Sort and filter” section on the left to sort your report by status, most recent update, and more.
  • The default view is to view all active statuses- select “Filter by status” in the “Sort and filter” section on the left to filter by additional statuses. Use the check box at the bottom of that window to change your default view.
  • On multi-user accounts, select “Assigned user” in the “Sort and filter” section to view pipeline items by assigned user.
  • Select "Add a filter" in the “Sort and filter” section to filter by custom contact or pipeline fields, dates, groups, and other details.
  • Combined, these various reporting options allow you to view your pipeline from any angle.
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