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Adding a Contact or Company to Your Pipeline

Attaching a pipeline to a contact or company is simple! Start from that contact or company's record in your CRM and look under the Attach an item options. You’ll see a list of all your pipelines with the option to attach any of them to the contact or company. When you attach a pipeline, you’ll be prompted to select a status for that pipeline. Any custom fields you’ve created for your pipeline will also be displayed at this time.

Attaching a pipeline item

When creating or updating a pipeline, you’ll also be able to save a note associated with the pipeline or create a to-do linked to the contact or company. This is a great tool for reminding yourself or others to follow-up on active pipelines and that kind of thing. Generally speaking, unless you're very consistent about checking and updating your pipeline, you should set yourself a task for the next time you want to return to a given contact or company and move them to the next stage of your pipeline.

You can always edit your pipeline from the contact page—active pipeline will display as large boxes at the top of the record, while closed pipelines will show as much smaller boxes. You can also change a pipeline directly from that pipeline report page as well by clicking on the pipeline badge.

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