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How to create groups

In LACRM groups are a categorization tool that you can use to tag contacts or companies based on shared characteristics. Groups help segment your contacts into different buckets, so you can easily pull up certain types of contacts. Groups also make it easy to export a list of contacts for running a mail merge or importing into another system, and you can create groups for any tags or sublists that you’d like. For example, you can create groups to track your personal contacts, vendors, newsletter recipients or who receives a holiday card.

To manage your groups, mouse over the Contacts tab in the navigation menu on the far left. A menu will pop out with a list of your groups—near the top of this list, select the “Manage groups” link.

Less Annoying CRM manage groups link
(You can also get to your Manage Groups page under the Settings tab)

On the next screen, you will see a list of your existing groups, split into public and private groups (if you have other users). Private groups can only be seen by you, while public groups can be seen by anyone at your company (they will only see the contacts in that group if they have permission to do so, however). Creating a group is as simple as clicking the Create a new Group button. Give the group a name, decide whether to make it public or private, and you’re all done!

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