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Importing from Mac Contacts to LACRM

While LACRM doesn't have a direct way to import contacts from Mac Contacts, there are a few steps you can take to get Mac Contacts into LACRM. Learn how to import from Mac Contacts to LACRM here:

Export your contacts from Mac Contacts.
  • Learn how to export from Mac Contacts to a vCard file here.
Import your contacts to LACRM using Google Contacts.
  • Import your vCard file from Mac Contacts to Google Contacts. Learn how to import to Google Contacts here.
  • Integrate Google Contacts with LACRM to sync your imported Mac Contacts over to the CRM. Learn how to sync LACRM with Google Contacts here.
Import your contacts to LACRM using a file converter.
  • Convert your vCard file to a comma delimited CSV file using a third party conversion tool. Note that some conversion tools do have associated costs; here's one free conversion tool.
  • Please note: conversion tools are not created by LACRM, nor are they maintained by LACRM. As with any third party tool, use at your own risk.
  • Import the converted CSV file to LACRM. Learn how to import contacts here.
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