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Syncing with Google Contacts

Here's how to sync LACRM with Google Contacts:

  • From the Integrations Settings page select "Set up contact integration" below the Google section.
  • Read all of the text listed on this page, it includes some very important details for contact syncing. Select the button "I understand - continue to the Google authentication page."
  • Choose the appropriate Google account. Select the Google account you're currently logged into, or select "Use another account" to log into a different account.
  • Select "Allow" to grant LACRM access to your Google account.
  • Choose which contacts in Google you'd like to sync with LACRM. Note that you can sync all of your Google Contacts, or just one label.
  • Choose which LACRM contacts you'd like to sync. Note that you can sync all CRM Contacts, or you can sync a particular group. In either case, you can only sync contacts that are assigned to you.
  • Select "Save settings and sync contacts" to begin syncing.
  • The sync will take a few seconds to run, longer if you have a lot of contacts to sync. You can navigate to another page and continue using the CRM while the contact data syncs over.
  • Now that the sync is set up, contact data will sync back and forth between LACRM and Google Contacts.

Additional important details about the sync:

  • Your contacts will sync every few hours, so be patient. If you make changes to the same contact in both Google and LACRM between syncs, some of the changes may be overwritten.
  • We can’t automatically de-duplicate your contacts. If you have already imported your contacts from Google manually, you should delete all contacts from Google before syncing (you may want to export a backup copy just in case). This will prevent all of your contacts from being duplicated during the initial sync.
  • You should only delete or merge contacts/companies within the CRM with the sync turned on. If you delete or merge contacts in Google, they will be re-added during the next sync, causing duplication of those records.
  • We only sync default contact/company fields - custom fields in LACRM will not sync.
  • Finally, we can only offer tech support for our own software. We don’t expect you to have any problems with this integration, but if you do, you’ll need to contact Google for support related to Google Contacts.
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