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This article has been updated for the latest version of Less Annoying CRM. If your CRM looks different, you can click here to upgrade to the newest version of LACRM!

Importing contacts

Here’s how to import new records into your CRM via a spreadsheet:

  • Make sure your file is properly formatted for import. Learn more about formatting here.
  • Mouse over "Add" and select "Import contacts" in the menu. Then, select “Import a spreadsheet,” and click to select the file from your computer.
  • Choose whether you’d like to import things yourself or have a CRM coach import for you. We’ll run up to 3 imports total on your account. Continue reading if running the import yourself.
  • We’ll ask if you have contacts, companies, or both in your spreadsheet -- if there are people and organizations in your spreadsheet, select “Both contacts and companies” and select “Go.”
  • Next, tell us which of your file’s column headers correspond to contact and/or company names, and select “Continue.”
  • Finally, map the remaining columns in your file to fields in your CRM. If you’re creating both contacts and companies, also decide whether columns should be mapped to the contact, the company, or both records.
  • Note: If a column from your file doesn’t match an existing field in LACRM, create a custom field for it (the best choice if you need to filter/sort that data), or map it to the "Background Info" field. You can map multiple columns from your file to the "Background Info" on your records. Unsure which is best? Contact us.
  • Double check your mapping, and click “Finalize the import.”
  • Once done, you’ll see a page showing some examples of your new contacts. Learn how to organize your imported records here.
  • Didn’t finish your import? No problem. In-progress imports can be found on the left side of the Import contacts page in the “Imports in progress” section.
  • Need to undo? Mistakes happen - learn how to undo an import here.
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