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Migrating data to LACRM with import2

Thank you for your interest in our partnership with import2! This article will detail how the import2 migration process works, as well as how you can receive a free import2 migration through Less Annoying CRM’s partnership with their platform.

Please read and carefully consider all details—each migration is different, and your data and needs will ultimately determine whether this option is viable for you.

Why use this option?

Less Annoying CRM offers a built-in import tool that allows importing new contacts and companies and their associated fields (e.g. name, phone number, email address, and others, including custom fields). If that is all you need, then an import2 migration will be overkill, and you should proceed with a standard import.

However, our native importer does not support migrating other kinds of historical data from an existing CRM database—this includes objects like historical notes/emails, existing pipeline information, tasks, and so forth.

Our partnership with import2 allows you to use their specialized migration platform to transfer additional objects and history to LACRM, facilitating a quicker, automated, and more thorough migration option than a spreadsheet import can provide.


While import2 offers migrations from many different tools to LACRM, not every CRM is supported. You should check import2’s list of supported apps on their site to see if it’s currently possible to migrate data from your existing CRM system to LACRM. If your CRM is not on the list, this will not be an option.

Furthermore, while import2 does their best to migrate your data as fully and completely as possible, not all data can be migrated from your old CRM to LACRM. These limitations include but may not be limited to:

  • Some object types or data structures in your old CRM may simply not exist in LACRM, or vice versa. If you have some kinds of data in your old CRM that don’t exist as features in LACRM, that information may not be migrated, or may display as a different kind of object in the LACRM system.
  • File attachments (documents, images, etc.) cannot be migrated to LACRM with import2’s service, as the API that import2 uses to connect to our platform does not currently support uploading files to contacts/companies or fields. Transferring these kinds of file attachments can only be done manually.
  • At this time, the import2 platform cannot create historical emails in LACRM. Any emails from your previous CRM will be imported as calendar events and associated with the appropriate contact or company record.

Finally, import2 can only offer their standard migration service under the special pricing that LACRM offers (see below)—in general, this means that you can use the import2 platform as-is to map your data across into LACRM. If you require custom development or specialized assistance with data mapping from the import2 team, import2 may be able to offer you these services, but likely at a meaningfully increased cost. You will need to discuss any such pricing agreement with import2's team directly.


If you are migrating data from another CRM at or below import2’s “Basic” tier, Less Annoying CRM will cover the cost of the import2 migration provided that you make a prepayment toward your LACRM account of one year. The total prepayment amount will be determined by the number of users on your LACRM account at the time of full migration, priced at our standard $15 USD/user/month pricing. (This comes to $180 USD per user on your account at the time of your migration.)

Note that prepayments are applied as a credit to your LACRM account, and ultimately may last longer or shorter than one year if you add or remove users over time.

After your prepayment credit has been exhausted, your account will return to our normal month-to-month billing cycle—you need not continue to pay annually beyond the initial prepayment (though you still have that option).

If your needs do not fit within the “Basic” tier of import2’s pricing structure, please feel free to contact Less Annoying CRM’s team. Whether alternative pricing can be arranged will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

How the process works

First and foremost, before you can proceed with an import2 migration, you will need to have created a LACRM trial account. If you have not yet done so, you can sign up for an account here.

We would strongly suggest that you fully evaluate whether LACRM will be suitable for you and your team’s needs before investing the time to migrate data from your previous CRM system! The Beginner’s Guide is a great way to learn the basics, and LACRM’s support team is always here to answer questions about our platform and its capabilities.

Once you are ready to proceed with the migration, the process is as follows:

  1. Prepare your LACRM acount
    Begin by customizing your LACRM account to align with the data in your origin CRM. This may require creating custom fields, making groups corresponding with any groups/tags in your source CRM, and building out customized pipeline(s). You will likely need to create user logins for any users whose assigned data and history you wish to migrate across from your previous system. This preparation makes mapping data across from your previous CRM system much easier with import2. If you need pointers, please look through our help documentation or contact our team with any questions. (Note that you should not subscribe to LACRM at this time -- payment will be collected at a later point in the migration process!)
  2. Contact LACRM to begin your sample migration
    Once you are ready to begin your migration, contact LACRM and let our support team know that you would like to begin an import2 migration. You will need to use a special link that we send you to initiate the migration, or you will not be entitled to the preferred pricing detailed above. If you go directly to import2's site and begin a migration from their platform, that migration will be subject to their normal pricing.
  3. Use import2's platform and support to perform a sample migration
    At this stage, you will need to connect import2's platform to your previous CRM, or upload your previous CRM's data (the exact process varies system to system). Next, you'll use import2's platform to map the data from your old CRM to your new LACRM account. If you need help during this part of the process, contact import2 for assistance (LACRM's team cannot see or provide support for your import2 migration). The import2 platform will migrate a random sample of records from your old CRM into your LACRM account—review this data and make sure everything is to your liking. (You may need to perform several sample migrations to make adjustments/corrections.)
  4. Double-check that you are 100% ready for a full migration
    The sample migration is your chance to ensure that your data will transfer properly before you finalize the migration and make a nonrefundable payment to LACRM. Do not rush this part of the process. If you migrate messy, inaccurate, or incomplete data, it may be impossible to correct these problems later!
  5. Request full migration and submit prepayment
    If you are ready to proceed to a full migration, click the "Request full migration" button in import2. You will be redirected to LACRM, and will need to confirm a few details. Once that is done, our team will reach out with details about how to submit prepayment. Once you have done so, let us know, and LACRM will notify import2 that you are fully paid and the full migration may proceed (you will receive an email from LACRM when this is done).
  6. Run full migration via import2
    Once you have received confirmation from LACRM, you can return to import2 and click "Start full migration" to begin the full transfer of your data. Again, while working with import2's platform, if you run into trouble or need help, contact import2's team for assistance and they will help you out!

Please note: Provided that you initiate your migration from the link you received from LACRM (see #2 above), you should never be prompted to pay import2 directly, unless you have decided to independently pay for their services outside of our partner pricing detailed above. However, in rare cases (i.e. if you require a highly customized migration), import2 may determine that your unique situation is not eligible for a sample migration prior to the full migration.


Please feel free to reach out to us if you have questions about import2 migration. Our team can answer any questions about LACRM’s capabilities, setting up and customizing your LACRM account, and pricing for a partner migration by import2.

Note that if you have questions about the nitty-gritty of mapping your data from your old CRM to LACRM using import2’s platform, you'll likely need to work directly with import2 to get answers to those questions, as it is their platform which you will actually use to map the data across and send your information into LACRM!

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