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Options for importing contacts into LACRM

Need to migrate data? Here are the options for importing contacts into LACRM:

  • Use our importing tool to bring contacts from a spreadsheet into the CRM. Learn about formatting a spreadsheet for import here, and learn about importing to LACRM here.
  • Or, have us import a spreadsheet of contacts for you! Learn what’s included when requesting that LACRM’s support team run an import here.
  • Export contacts out of your current CRM to a spreadsheet, then use our importing tool to bring the spreadsheet into LACRM. Learn how to export your contacts from another CRM here.
  • Use our import2 partnership to bring contacts and other history directly into LACRM. Learn more about migrating data with import2 here.
  • Use Zapier to bring contacts from another program into LACRM directly. Learn more about integrating with Zapier here.
  • Use our API to bring contacts into LACRM directly; note that this option does require programming work on your end. Learn more about our API here.
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