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Integrating Zapier with Less Annoying CRM

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects different apps with one another so that you can pass data from one system to the next automatically - without having to write any code!

Learn how to integrate Less Annoying CRM and Zapier here:

  • Please note: depending on your Zapier plan, your access to Zapier’s features may vary. Learn more about Zapier’s plans and pricing here.
  • If you haven’t already, sign up for a Zapier account. You’ll need solid knowledge of how Zapier works to use this integration, and you can find our Glossary of terms here.
  • In Zapier, select “Create Zap.”
  • Set up your Zap trigger. Choose your app & event for this trigger. Select the account that you’ll connect to this trigger, and then setup and test the trigger.
  • For example, select LACRM as your app and choose the trigger “Create new contact.”
  • Set up your Zap action. Choose the app & event for this action. Select the account that you’ll connect to this action, and then setup and test the action.
  • For example, select LACRM as your app and choose the action “Create pipeline item” to automatically add new contacts to the pipeline.
  • Learn more about triggers and actions here. Or, check out our templates to connect different tools here.
  • Note: if you’re on a paid tier, you can customize your Zap even further by adding more actions. Learn more about customizing Zaps here.
  • Publish your Zap!
  • For additional questions about using Zapier, check out their Help Center.

See a full list of all our integrations here.

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