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Deleting contact fields

Here's how to delete contact fields:

  • Mouse over "Settings" and select "Custom fields" in the menu.
  • Please note: only admins can edit custom fields. If you don't see that option, you'll need to contact an admin on your account.
  • Select either "Contacts" or "Companies" depending on where the desired field is saved.
  • On the next page, mouse over the desired field, and click on the "Delete field" link that appears.
  • Confirm the deletion by clicking the button "Delete field." This will delete that field, as well as any data saved within the field.
  • Please note: contact records must have a contact name field, and company records must have a company name field. Those name fields cannot be deleted.
  • Need to delete a custom pipeline field instead? Learn how to delete a custom pipeline field here.
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