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What is the difference between custom contact and company fields?

The short answer is that custom contact fields are for contact records, and custom company fields are for company records! Read on for an explanation of what that actually means.

Note: Only administrators can create custom fields.

Custom fields are fields that you can create to capture information that’s specific to your business’ needs. There are three places you can create custom fields in LACRM: pipelines, contacts, and companies. For contacts and companies, you’ll want to create custom fields for pieces of information that are relatively fixed — for information tied to a time-bound process (like a sale, order, etc), create custom fields on a pipeline instead. You should also reserve these fields for information that you record in most or all cases so that your CRM stays simple and uncluttered. These fields will appear in the Contact Info section on a contact or company’s profile.

Custom contact fields are for information that you’ll collect and store on contact records — that is, information that pertains to individuals. To create these custom fields, start by considering what information you gather about your contacts. For example, a real estate agent who sells to couples might create a text box custom field to record a spouse’s name.

Custom company fields are for information that you’ll gather about companies or other organizations and store on company records. If you sell to companies, you might want to create a number custom field to store their customer ID, or a date field to keep track of how long they’ve been a client.

These examples are just a jumping off point, so consider what contact and company information matters to your business. If you still have questions on custom contact or company fields, feel free to contact us for help!

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