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Editing calendar date fields

Here's how to edit the way that custom date fields appear on the calendar:

  • Mouse over "Settings" and select "Custom fields" in the menu.
  • Please note: only admins can edit custom fields. If you don't see that option, you'll need to contact an admin on your account.
  • Select "Contacts," "Companies," or the name of the pipeline on which the field is located.
  • On the next page, mouse over the desired date field and select "Edit field settings."
  • In the dialog that opens, select the appropriate options for that field's display settings.
  • Select "Use our default settings" to display the field's name and linked contact on the calendar.
  • Choose "Customize the display settings" to make some additional choices on how the field appears on your calendar. The field can appear as text, an icon, or both. If you choose text, ¬†choose a nickname for the field to use on the calendar. If you choose an icon, select which icon you'd like.
  • Select "Don't show this on the calendar" if you don't want the date field to appear on your calendar.
  • Please note: if you're on a multi-user account, you'll only see date fields for contacts that are assigned to you on the Workspace. On the Calendar, dates will appear on the calendar of the contact's assigned user, so you'll need to have view access to that user's calendar.
  • Not sure what date fields are? Learn more about custom field types here.
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