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How to adjust custom date fields on the calendar

Have important dates you need to keep track of? You can create date custom fields on contact and company records and on pipelines. Those fields can display directly on your calendar so you can keep on top of all of your important dates. Here's how to adjust how those dates display on the calendar or turn them off entirely.

You can create and edit custom fields from the custom fields settings page. The default settings for custom date fields are a one-time event (rather than repeating) and to display on the calendar with text only. When you create or edit a custom date field, you'll be presented with three primary display options: to use the default settings, customize the settings, or not display on the calendar. If you choose to customize, you'll be presented with a menu of different options for how to display the date, along with a preview of what it will look like:

Here are some examples of dates with different settings:

Ideas for how to use custom date fields:

  • Customer anniversary dates for sending out customer appreciation cards
  • Dates for planned follow-ups after a sale
  • An expiration date field on an insurance policy
  • Departure and return dates for travel agent bookings

A few details:

  • If a date occurs one-time, a year is required. If it is an annual event, you can enter a date with or without a year.
  • If you're on a multi-user account, you will only see date fields for contacts that are assigned to you on the Workspace and daily agenda email. On the calendar, dates on contacts assigned to a particular user will display on their calendar. That means that you'll see dates on contacts assigned to users whose calendars you've selected to see, just like with events and tasks
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