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Assigning a task to another user

Here's how to assign a task to another user:

  • Please note: you're only able to assign tasks to another user if you have permission to edit their calendar. If you don't see these options, you may need to manage your sharing permissions, or contact an admin on your account to update sharing permissions for you.
  • Select to create a new task. Learn how to create a new task here.
  • Under the “Assigned to” field, select the appropriate user in the dropdown. Note that a task can only be assigned to a single user.
  • Add any relevant details to the task, if necessary.
  • Once created, the task will be added to the selected user’s calendar, and will appear on their Workspace the day the task is due. If the task is linked to a contact, it’ll appear at the top of the linked record as well.
  • If you're not seeing a user's name in your "Assign to" dropdown, you may need to adjust your user permissions. Learn more here.
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