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Managing Sharing Permissions for Other Users

When you register a new account, you’ll be prompted to make some choices about that new user's rights and permissions. These options can be changed at any time by an administrator simply by navigating to the Users page and clicking "Edit" under the user’s name.

When you’re adding or editing a user, you’ll first be asked two questions about permissions:

  1. Is this an administrator?
    Administrators will see additional options that let them make customization changes and manage the account for your company, including changing the colors and that kind of thing. Administrators can also change permission settings and enter billing details. Normal users will not be able to make account-wide changes or enter billing details.
  2. Should this user be able to export contacts from the CRM?
    If you block a user from all mass export features, they will not be able to download contacts to Excel, sync with MailChimp, sync with Google Contacts, or use the API. If you select "No," you'll see additional options if you'd like to allow them to have access to only certain exports or syncs.

Below that, you’ll have one section to determine whose contacts this user can see and another section to determine whose calendar this user can see. You can other users and decide whether they should have  "Edit Access" (read and edit), "View Access" (read but not edit).

Please note: In order to reassign contacts a user will need to have “Edit Access” to the contacts of the current contact owner and “Edit Access” to the contacts of the user who will be assigned the contacts. Similarly, in order to assign a task or event to another user, they will need to have “Edit Access” to that user’s calendar.

You can choose the permissions on a user-by-user basis. For example, a manager might have access to a user’s contacts and calendar, but that user can’t see the manager’s contacts or calendar. If you work with sales teams, the team can share data amongst themselves, but anyone not on the team cannot see their data.

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