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Sharing contacts with your team

Learn how you can share contacts with your team.

How contact permissions work:
  • The contact and company sharing permissions determine which names and businesses a user can see.
  • There are three levels of permissions to choose from: “Edit” access (view and make changes), “View” access (view but not make changes), or "No access" (can't even view).
  • Each user can be granted access to, or restricted from accessing, each other user's contacts.
  • Need to update user permissions? Any admin can do that from the Users Settings page.
  • Please note: only admins can adjust user permissions. If you don't see these options on your account, reach out to an admin.
Examples of user permissions:
  • On a sales team, each salesperson can have "View" access to each other salesperson's contacts so they can see identified leads, but they can only make notes or edits to their own assigned contacts. The sales manager can have "Edit" access to each other salesperson's contacts so they can make edits and reassign records when needed.
  • In a company with a shared admin assistant, the admin assistant can have "Edit" access to everyone's contacts while other team members can have "No access" to each other's contacts.
  • If you have multiple teams in the CRM, you can restrict permissions between teams while allowing everyone who works together to share data. For example, if a marketing team works collaboratively they can have "Edit" access to each other's contacts, but the sales team users can have "No access" to every other users' contacts if they work independently. The manager for each team can have "Edit access" to all of their team’s data to review their team’s work, and the CEO can have "Edit access" to all users.
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