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Sharing tasks and events with your team

Learn about how you can share events and tasks with your team:

How calendar permissions work:
  • Calendar sharing permissions determine which calendars a user can see, and whether they can assign calendar items to another user.
  • There are three levels of permissions to choose from: "Edit" access (view and make changes), "View" access (view, but not make changes), and "No" access (can't even view).
  • Each user can be granted access to, or restricted from accessing, each other user's calendar.
  • Not sure how to add users? Learn more here.
Examples of user permissions:
  • On a sales team, each salesperson can have "No access" to each other salesperson's calendar, to prevent them from seeing what other salespeople are doing. The sales manager, on the other hand, can have "Edit" access to each salesperson's calendar so they can see what each salesperson is doing, and assign tasks and events as needed.
  • In a company with a shared admin assistant, the admin assistant can have "Edit" access to everyone's calendars so they can arrange the calendar and assign calendar items. Other team members can have more limited permissions to see only their own calendar, or only their team member's calendars.
  • In a company with multiple departments, permission can be segmented by department while still allowing the CEO to view everything. The sales team can have no access to each other's calendars, and their manager can have access to all of the salespeople's calendars. The marketing team can all have access to each other's calendars. The sales and marketing manager can have "View" access to the CEO to see when they're busy, without being able to edit the CEO's calendar. The CEO can have access to all of the calendars (both sales and marketing), so they can see everything for either team.
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