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Turning off notifications

Here’s how to turn off general notifications:

  • Mouse over “Settings” and select the “Notifications” page.
  • To turn off the Daily agenda email, un-check the box below the “Daily agenda email” section.
  • To turn off notifications from other users, un-check the appropriate boxes below the “Notifications from other users on your account” section. Note that this section will only appear if there are other users on your account.
  • To turn off other emails from LACRM, un-check the desired options below the “Helpful emails from Less Annoying CRM” section.

Here's how to turn off event reminders:

  • Mouse over "Settings" and select the "Notifications" page.
  • Scroll down to the “Default event reminders” section. Select the “X” to the right of any listed reminders to remove them.
  • Click “Save default reminders” to save those changes.
  • Please note: to remove reminders on events that already exist, choose “Retroactively apply these settings to all existing events” in the save dialogue. If you have more than one sub-calendar, you’ll also need to select whether those settings should be applied to just one sub-calendar or all of them.
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