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Events vs. tasks

Here are a few key differences between events and tasks:

Events can be used to block off a specific period of time on your calendar.
  • Events are best for scheduled appointments or meetings.
  • Events will block off the selected time on your calendar, and you'll also receive a reminder notification prior to the event.
  • Once the time of an event has passed, it's automatically considered completed and will move into your history.
  • Examples of events include a 10 am meeting with a coworker, a 3 pm call with a client, or a 4 pm doctor's appointment.
Tasks can be used for to-do items that need to happen on a specific date.
  • Tasks are best for follow ups or other to-do items.
  • Tasks will show up at the top of your calendar, but they won't block off any time. The only reminder for a task is the Daily agenda email.
  • You'll need to manually check off a task to mark it as completed. Only after you've manually completed the task will it move into your history.
  • If you don't complete a task on time, it'll roll over to the next day and appear as an overdue task.
  • Examples of tasks include sending out a marketing email, following up with a client, or filling out your time sheet.
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