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How do I restore a deleted user?

You can remove a user if they no longer need access to the CRM, but sometimes things change and you need to restore a user that was deleted. If you have someone who changed their position, went on a leave of absence, or for some other reason no longer needs access to the CRM, you can easily delete their login. Then, if they return from leave or their position changes and they need access again, you can restore their original login so they can access the CRM once more. 

If you mouse over “Settings” you can select “Users” in the menu. Please note: only administrators have access to these settings, and if you don’t see this option you’ll need to contact an administrator on your account.

User Settings

On the next page, select “Add a new user” near the top of the page. In the dialog that appears, enter the user’s name and the same email address they previously used to log in at the top. In the following sections of the dialog select the appropriate permissions for the user, depending on what you’d like them to be able to see. When you select “Create user and email them login instructions,” a dialog will appear with two options.

Reactivate a deleted user

You can select the option on the left, “Reactive the old user” to restore the user’s original login. If they had any contacts or calendar data that remained assigned to them when they were deleted, that data will appear under their newly restored login. If you reassigned the user’s contacts and calendar data when you originally deleted them, you’ll need to assign that data back to the user now.

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