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How to assign contacts and leads to other users

Each contact or company in LACRM is assigned to a single user. By default, a record is assigned to the user who input that record, but sometimes you need to assign a record to a different user instead. If you’re a manager or a member of a collaborative team, you can reassign a contact or company to another user. There are two different, simple ways to do this:

Please note: you are only able to assign leads to another user if you have permission to access their contacts. If you don’t see these options you may need to manage your sharing permissions, or contact an administrator on your account to update sharing permissions for you.

Assign an individual contact to a different user

When viewing a contact's profile, you'll see a box on the right-hand side of the screen that says "Contact Info" (or "Company Info” if you're looking at a company). Within that box is an option that says “Assigned to  ____" that indicates which user the contact is currently assigned to. You can select “Edit” to the right of “Contact info” and then edit the assigned user in the dialog that opens. Be sure to save your changes!

Assign contacts in bulk to a different user

If you want to assign many contacts to a different user at once, you can do so from the Contact list. First,  you can filter the contacts using a search or groups, to narrow down the list of contacts. Then, if you want to reassign only a few of the visible contacts, tick the checkbox to the left of the appropriate contact names. If you want to reassign all of the visible contacts instead, tick the “Select all” box in the bottom left corner of the page. After ticking off the appropriate option, you’ll see a bar appear at the bottom of the screen. You can select “Assign to a user” there, and then choose the correct user to assign all of the selected records to them at once.

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