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Assigning contacts in bulk

Here's how to assign contacts in bulk to another user:

  • Please note: you're only able to assign contacts to another user if you have permission to edit their contacts. If you don't see these options, you may need to manage your sharing permissions, or contact an admin on your account to update sharing permissions for you.
  • Go to the main Contact list by selecting "Contacts" in the navigation bar.
  • Tick the box to the left of each name that you'd like to reassign. Alternatively, apply any relevant filters and then tick the "Select all" box in the upper left.
  • Select “Perform bulk action on [number] records” at the bottom of the screen.
  • In the dialog that opens, select "Assign to user."
  • Choose the appropriate user name to assign the selected contacts and select “Continue.”
  • Select the “Assign [number] records” button to confirm the assignment. The user will receive an email that they've been assigned new contacts.
  • Need to assign a single contact instead? Learn how to assign a single contact to another user here.
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