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Monitoring the activity of other users at your company

If you're a manager and you want to monitor the activity of your employees, there are a few different ways to do that:

View all of their activity

You can see a feed of all activity (notes, emails, leads, tasks, etc.) by mousing over “Reports” and selecting “Activity Report.” Once on that page, click the "Filter by user" option (in the page menu on the left) and you'll see an option to filter the results to only show activity for a specific user. The information on this page is just meant to be a running list of everything that's happening, so it's not great for aggregate reporting, but you can use it to monitor everything an employee has been doing.

View their Pipeline reports

You can mouse over “Reports” in the navigation bar on the left and select a pipeline name to see a report for that specific pipeline. Just like with the Activity Report, you can filter this report (via the "Filter by user" option on the left menu) to only show contacts assigned to a specific user.

View their calendar

If you set up calendar sharing when you added the users to your account, you'll be able to see everything your employees have scheduled. Just go to the Calendar page and click the checkbox next to a user's name to show their events.

View their to-do’s

You can see a user’s upcoming tasks by mousing over “Reports” and selecting “Task Report.” In the page menu on the left, you can use the “Filter by user” option to view only the tasks of a particular user. If you want to see what tasks they’ve completed, you can also use the “Filter by completion status” option in the page menu.

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