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Deleted user's data

Learn what happens to the data if you delete a user:

  • When removing a user, you'll automatically be prompted to reassign that user's assigned records, future events, and future tasks. It is highly recommended that you use this option to reassign the user's data.
  • If you reassign their data, the contacts, tasks, and events will be visible under the newly assigned user's information. The notes, email logs, and pipeline updates made by the deleted user will continue to be visible as well.
  • If you want to preserve the history of past events and tasks, you'll need to contact us to restore historical items to an active user.
  • If you don't reassign the user's data, their contacts, tasks, and events will no longer be accessible. The contacts aren't deleted, but they will be significantly more difficult to find. Learn how to filter for a deleted user's contacts here. Events and tasks will be deleted; if you want them restored you'll need to contact us.
  • Need to remove a user? Learn more here.
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