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How to filter data by user

There is a filter you can use to view the contacts and companies assigned to another user in various places in the CRM. In order to use this filter, you will need to have permission to view the other user’s contacts. If you don’t see this option, or don’t see another user’s name, you’ll need to contact the administrator on your account to make the appropriate permission changes.

If you want to see a list of contacts assigned to a particular user, you can go to the Contact list. There you should see a section in the second sidebar from the left “Filters & Sorting.” Within that, you can select “Filter by user” from the middle.

That will open a dialog that includes a list of the other users whose contacts and companies you have permission to view. You can tick off the box to the left of the user whose data you’d like to view, and then apply the filter. That’ll pull up all of their contacts and companies.

This filtering option will also be available on other pages throughout the CRM. If you want to see all of the leads or pipeline items for a particular user, you can mouse over “Reports” and select a pipeline name. There, you’ll see the same “Filter by user” option below “Filters & Sorting” which you can use to view only pipeline items associated with that user’s contacts and companies.

Additionally, if you mouse over “Reports” you can select “Activity report” or “Task report” and the same filter will be available there. Those options will allow you to view all of a user’s activity or a user’s tasks, respectively.

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