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Structuring your teams

Here are some tips and tricks on setting up teams to manage groups:

Note that if your account only has a few users or you don't use groups, you probably don't need to worry about this feature!
Think about how your company is structured and how you work when creating teams of users.
  • If you have separate Marketing and Sales departments, you can create a team of users for each department. Then the Marketing team can share the groups they need, and the Sales team can share the groups they need.
  • If you have offices in different locations, you can designate teams for each office. One location can share the groups they need, and other locations can have their own groups.
  • If you have a special project, you can create a temporary team just for that project. For example, if you're planning a big customer appreciation event you can create a team with just the users involved in customer appreciation. They can share groups to prepare for the event, without cluttering up the group list for everyone else.
Teams will not override your user permissions settings. In order for all of the users in a team to see all of the contacts or companies in a group shared with that team, they'll need to have access to all of those records.
  • You can create teams for sales territories with the sales people and their manager. The salespeople can share groups and add their own contacts to them, but they won't see contacts owned by anyone else. The manager will be able to pull up the shared group to see all of the contacts.
Besides sharing with a team, groups can either be private (visible to a single user) or public (visible to all users). If you find yourself adding almost everyone to a team, ask yourself if those groups should actually be public.
Not sure what teams are? Learn more about teams here.
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