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Less Annoying CRM ranked best CRM of 2022 by U.S. News and World Report
August 24, 2022
Less Annoying CRM is thrilled and proud to be ranked #1 on this list for the third year in a row!
New feature: Transfer pipeline items between records
August 15, 2022
You can now transfer a pipeline item from one contact or company to another!
New Feature: Currency fields
August 9, 2022
We have new custom currency fields! You can now make both contact and pipeline custom currency fields.
New feature: Backdate notes
July 25, 2022
Now, whenever you enter a note retroactively, you also have the option to backdate that note to reflect its actual date.
New features: Assign a group and unsaved prompts
July 4, 2022
We have two quick new additional tools to help you manage your team and your data more efficiently: group assignments and unsaved prompts!
New feature: Duplicate contacts and companies
June 8, 2022
You can now duplicate any contact or company with a single click, without having to re-type information.
Product Update Roundup: Spring 2022
June 6, 2022
A quick roundup of all the new features we launched this spring, and how to use them.
New feature: Assign companies with contacts
April 11, 2022
Now whenever you assign a contact or company to another teammate, you can also assign the associated company or other contacts together without having to do two separate re-assignments.
New features: Adding a contact from a field and new user pickers
March 28, 2022
We've just added two new features to LACRM to help you more easily choose contacts and users, and add contacts more quickly.
New feature: Starred contacts
February 10, 2022
If you find yourself pulling up the same contact over and over in your CRM, now there's a way to find them easily without needing to search.
New feature: Pipeline permissions
January 31, 2022
We just released the ability to limit who can see specific pipelines within your CRM. Here's now it works.
2021: Less Annoying CRM's Year in Review
December 21, 2021
Another year has come and gone; here's what 2021 was like for the LACRM team.
Small tweak: Preview pipeline info from contact profiles
November 1, 2021
We just added a new, faster way to see all the information related to pipeline items in the CRM.
New feature: Block users from deleting data
August 9, 2021
We just gave you even more control over the permissions in the CRM.
Small tweak: Updated task report
June 8, 2021
We've rebuilt the task report to make it a bit more polished, and easier to work through.
Less Annoying CRM ranked Best CRM of 2021 by U.S. News & World Report
June 1, 2021
Less Annoying CRM is proud and delighted to be ranked #1 on US News & World Report for the second year in a row.
New feature: A brand new Mailchimp integration
May 24, 2021
Our developers have completely rebuilt our integration with Mailchimp to offer additional tools to LACRM users. Here's what's new.
5 ways to customize LACRM as an insurance agent
May 6, 2021
As an insurance agent, you have juggle follow-ups, policy renewals, new clients and more every day. Here are some tips on how to customize your LACRM account to make that as easy as possible.
2020: Less Annoying CRM's Year in Review!
December 24, 2020
2020 was an odd year that forced many small businesses, including us, to adapt. Here's how our 2020 went.
Announcing the new help center
October 25, 2020
We want Less Annoying CRM to be the easiest software product you've ever used. Yes, that means having a well-designed product that's intuitive and simple, but it also means giving you access to helpful training resources so that you can get quick answers to all of your questions.
New feature: Custom file fields
October 13, 2020
This year, we've made a ton of improvements to how custom fields work in LACRM. Well, we're not done yet! We just released another improvement that will help you organize your files.
Product updates: Keyboard shortcuts and collapsible attached items sections
September 29, 2020
We have two new improvements: keyboard shortcuts, and collapsible attached items ready for our users!
New feature: Two-factor authentication
September 15, 2020
I'm excited to announce that we just launched a new feature to make Less Annoying CRM even more secure: Two-factor authentication!
Product updates: Date and time formatting
August 14, 2020
Two new features for you to better customize your LACRM account!
Product updates: Filter your workspace reports
July 31, 2020
We've got more great updates for you! Read on to learn what the LACRM product team has been working on...

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