Product Update: Customize your pipeline badge

Pick the most important fields to show up front and center
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At LACRM, we know that pipelines are an important tool for staying on top of major processes. One of the key features of a pipeline is that you can create as many custom pipeline fields as you'd like to track all the moving parts of any workflow.


Pipeline badges could only display three things: the status of the badge, the date it was updated, and one selected custom field (the 'Name' of your pipeline).

We received lots of feedback from customers saying that being able to see one custom field wasn't enough. Often when you're on the phone with someone and need to quickly scan through their contact profile to find a piece of information, it's much easier to see information that is already on the badge itself (compared to having to hover your mouse over a badge, or open up the pipeline item).

And now...

With our new custom pipeline field display options, you can choose any and all fields you'd like to show on your pipeline badge!

If you're an account administrator, you can start using this new feature can be used on any of your existing pipelines. Simply go into your pipeline's settings page, and edit any existing field you'd like to display on your pipeline badges!

If you're not an administrator and would like to be able to see this feature on your account, let your administrator know! Just send them this blog post or our tutorial below and they'll have all the information they need to make these updates on the account.

Happy customizing!

For more details on how to customize the fields that you see on your pipeline badge, click here.

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