Product Update: Delete default fields

We're excited to announce a much requested improvement to the CRM - the ability to delete default fields.
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Over the years, customers have told us that it annoyed them that certain fields couldn't be deleted in the CRM. For customers whose work did not require certain default fields, such as the birthday field, having to keep these fields was a bit of a nuisance when creating or editing contacts and companies.

Since we’re in the business of trying to be less annoying, we’re excited to announce that you can now delete default fields in the CRM. All default fields can now be deleted except for contact name and company name. Account administrators can now delete the email, phone, address, website, job title, birthday and background info fields. (You can even delete the "company name" field from contact custom fields if you’d like, though if you want to make a company record, a name will still be required for the company record itself.)

Administrators can now delete all of the fields in this image, except for the "Name" field

Just like custom fields, this option for deleting default fields will only be available to administrators on your LACRM account. So if you don’t see these options available and have a field that you’d like deleted, talk to one of your account's administrators.

If you are an administrator, you can delete these default fields by navigating to the custom fields settings page I’ve linked to here. Go ahead and choose “contact” or “company” custom fields on this page. Then, hover over any fields you’d like to delete - an option to delete the fields will pop up when you hover over them.

Want to see this feature in action? Watch our CEO Tyler King demo how to start deleting your default fields here:

We hope the option to delete default fields will help you further personalize the CRM to your needs. If you’d like to add to your CRM, rather than delete fields, take a look at our custom fields tutorial video to get started.

As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions or feedback.

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