2023: Less Annoying CRM's Year in Review

Happy New Year! Read on for reflections on LACRM's 2023!
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I hope everyone reading this blog post has had a great start to 2024. Here at LACRM, we’re reflecting on our highlights of 2023. None of these highlights would be possible without our wonderful customers -  thank you for your support. We are all very grateful that you chose LACRM for 2023 and beyond.

Our developers have had a busy and exciting year:

Take a peek at LACRM's new design

It was a big year for our developers with some major accomplishments: 

  • Our developers and designers launched a brand new design! This new design officially launched in May but our developers have been working on a constant stream of improvements to the new design even after this launch. This update is an improvement in the aesthetic of the CRM and also comes with four major feature improvements - you can learn more about it here if you are interested and even enable the new design on your account if you haven’t already. This new design looks better and also offers many subtle improvements that make the CRM easier to navigate.
  • LACRM’s developers also launched our most powerful integration yet - an integration with the tool Zapier. This integration lets you build connections between LACRM and more than 5,000 different apps. The Zapier integration also makes it possible to build automations. You can learn more about Zapier in our product update launch here if you are interested.
  • These weren't the only improvements the developers launched this year. The developers also launched a better in-app help center, improvements to our API, the ability to RSVP to events from your inbox, and the ability to delete default fields in the CRM. Our developers also worked on improving app accessibility.
  • Overall, 554,751 lines of code were added to the CRM by developers which made for 882 updates to the CRM. In addition to larger feature updates, many small improvements and changes were made to improve the LACRM user experience.
  • Six lovely interns and fellows worked with the developers over the summer. Both interns made great contributions to the CRM. And our fellows each designed and launched some incredible coding projects. Having interns and fellows join us for the summer is always a highlight for the full time employees at LACRM.

CRM Coaches spent many hours chatting with customers this year:

This year, CRM coaches...

  • Sent roughly 15,000 emails
  • Answered more than 3,100 phone calls
  • And spent 800 hours on booked calls with screen-sharing in 2023
  • 800 hours translates to about 33 full days of demos and booked calls
  • Thanks to everyone we chatted with in 2023!

The CRM coaches also had two special days off as a team. We spent one day viewing the beautiful Chihuly sculpture exhibit at the Missouri Botanical Garden. The other day was spent with some adorable farm animals at an animal sanctuary in Missouri called The Gentle Barn.

The CRM Coaches enjoyed a beautiful day at the Missouri Botanical Garden

We enjoyed many fun events (and delicious food):

Everybody's favorite meal of the year - lunch cooked by Tyler and Bracken's mom Monica

As always at LACRM, food-related events are a highlight. We had many delicious events as a team in 2023: 

  • We rang in the start of 2023 with Shabu night where we ate delicious Shabu-shabu provided by Tyler and Bracken’s lovely mother and fantastic chef Monica. (She runs the food blog The Yummy Life.) We cooked the ingredients in hot pots during dinner at the office and took turns toasting each other with heartfelt (and sometimes silly) toasts.
  • Other culinary highlights included celebrating wonderful CRM Coach Maggie’s 5-year anniversary with a group cooking class.
  • We also continued our tradition of weekly company lunches from our favorite local restaurants. We shared 48 lunches together as a team.
  • We even dove into a bit of tasty St. Louis history with Mrs. Hulling's cakes, which quickly became a favorite office dessert.
  • Food and drink are taken so seriously at LACRM, that a very scientific Coke versus Diet Coke versus Coke Zero taste test was even attempted by many office members.

All and all, 2023 was a very fun (and delicious) year.

It was an exciting year here at LACRM. Thank you again for all of your support that makes our work possible - we are feeling very grateful for our lovely customers as we ring in the new year. Wishing everyone a great start to 2024!

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