Product Update: Improvements to our API

LACRM’s API and API documentation are improving!
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Take a look at our new API documentation!

Our developers have just finished some major upgrades to our API functionality and to the documentation that helps you use our API. Our API makes it possible to build connections between LACRM and other apps if you have programming knowledge. The API allows LACRM to “communicate” back and forth with other software.

If you have programming knowledge and would like to dive right in you can:

If you’re reading this and don’t understand how to use the API or what it is exactly, don’t worry. The majority of customers won’t build something with the API themselves - it requires programming knowledge to do that. All customers can benefit from an improved API, however.

By improving the functionality of our API, as well as the documentation about our API, more apps will start building connections with LACRM. Our list of third-party integrations has grown tremendously this year - take a look at the full list here - and we expect it to continue growing. Now app developers can connect with LACRM more easily, which means exciting new integrations for you.

If you are a developer reading this and you want to build an integration with us, you can click here to learn more about our integration partner program and reach out to us if you are interested.

Here’s a look at some of the softwares that have built integrations with us!

If you are a LACRM user who has a programming background and does want to build something using our API, fantastic! It’s going to be a lot easier than it used to be. Our documentation is more robust than ever before. Maintaining the API and fully documenting it is now a major priority for us. If you have programming knowledge, our developers would also be happy to troubleshoot any questions that come up about our API. (Our team of developers doesn't have the bandwidth to help with technical questions outside of the API itself.)

Stay tuned for future improvements to the API as well. We’re planning on making it even easier to use our API in the future.

And, as always, reach out to us if you have questions or feedback!

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