New feature: RSVP to Events in your Inbox

Our event emails just got an upgrade! 
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The next time you are added to an event by a colleague, you'll receive our new and improved event emails. Not only is the new design of these emails more aesthetically pleasing than the previous version, but these emails also come with new RSVP functionality.

A few months ago, we announced the ability to RSVP to events in LACRM. You can read more about that update here. Now, with our new event emails, you don’t even have to open up your LACRM calendar to RSVP to events. Instead, when someone adds you to an event in the CRM, you’ll be able to RSVP directly from your email inbox. You'll receive the usual notification email when you're added to an event by another user on the CRM. Except now you'll be able to select “yes, maybe, or no” to RSVP right from your inbox!

Here's an example of our new event email invite.

When you click your RSVP status in an email, you'll be taken to an page that confirms your RSVP status and shows you event details, as shown in the screenshot below.

You'll be taken to this page in a new tab in your browser when you choose your RSVP status.

And when you create an event, your colleagues will be able to RSVP to your events with the click of a button. You'll notice the improved appearance of these emails when an event is updated as well.

Here's an example of that same event in the LACRM calendar, with a variety of RSVP statuses.

Now it’s easier than ever to host and attend events with the LACRM calendar! If you are not receiving event emails currently and want to adjust your notifications settings, learn how to do that in this help article.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions!

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